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Welcome to Sprytech !

Sprytech Ltd is a UK based company founded by experienced technocrats having many years of experience across the globe in the field of infrastructure, telecom and cyber security. Currently our focus is in Blockchain technology and use cases development services. We have developed private Blockchain DLT platform S-Blox.

S-Blox DLT platform


Exciting !

2019 may become the year of Enterprise Blockchain and we are ready with our S-Blox Blockchain DLT platform for enterprises and this is exciting! 

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provides new infrastructure and new ways of storing data in a distributed ledger allowing multiple stakeholders to securely share same information. This is helping to build innovative application in banking, financial industry, payment, IOT and supply chain which will make larger impact than any other technology in the past. 


We are prepared to work with the enterprises to design, develop and implement their use cases with our S-Blox DLT platform.

Patented Technology

We have built our S-Blox DLT platform with patented technology for 

  • Unique Quantum Ready Cryptography (7 types of hashes) 
  • Unique privacy Aware Architecture 

and unique features  

  • Multiple concurrent activities can be done
  • Consensus and Smart Contract efficiency for finality
  • Micro services Bases ecosystem there by ease of Integration

Visit us @ Blockchain Summit London 26-27th Jun 2019 Stand-A1

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