Blockchain & Cyber Security

Blockchain & Cyber Security

Blockchain & Cyber SecurityBlockchain & Cyber SecurityBlockchain & Cyber Security

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What we do

Proprietary Blockchain S-Blox DLT

 We have built our S-Blox DLT platform with patented technology for 

  • Unique Quantum Ready Cryptography (7 types of hashes) 
  • Unique privacy Aware Architecture 

and unique features  

  • Multiple concurrent activities can be done
  • Consensus and Smart Contract efficiency for finality
  • Micro services Bases ecosystem there by ease of Integration

Blockchain Applications using S-Blox DLT

 1. PharmaChain application 

Sprytech provide a Blockchain solution to help combat the problem of Counterfeit Drugs.

2.  Loan Management System

Simplified & Automated Lending using S-BLox DLT is a complete ecosystem for retail lending.

3.  Blockchain IOT Solution

Blockchain solution for IOT Devices secure Firmware Upgrades that uses a S-Blox DLT framework to validate and send firmware updates. 

Blockchain Technology Services


With our Blockchain Technology development services, we are looking to optimize different business cases with Blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by dividing deep into Blockchain Technology. We have expertise in Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain platforms.

Consultancy & Advisory Services


We help you evaluate and implement blockchain technology in your business domains like Supply Chain, IOT, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Payments etc.

We help you identify the use cases suitable for Blockchain applications, relevant to your organisation and implement them using our expert team of Blockchain developers.


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